How can we rewrite the stars (?)

Last night is the greatest moment for saw you in my head.

to say hai in my arms

to get the feeling mean as a friend or partner of mine

I’m not good enough to give everything inside, but you always keep on me altought that feel not crazy well to work.

Whenever you told me, you ask me the question… I answer the truth or i’m not say anything.

How can we rewrite the stars ?

You know I’m ready to be your partner and spending time together with.

So, how can we rewrite the stars ?

I’m not rewrite the stars with you. Allow me to see you’d be the one I was to find first, until we ready to rewrite the stars, the biggest one at the right time.

Believe it, say that its possible.


##let me to show in English. I’m actually still learning how to write and spoken English.
So sorry if any words is not on the right way##

see yaa

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